sobota, 24. november 2007

Save electric energy?

We all know that electric will became more expensive next year. So how can we save energy?
Most of us use LCD screen for our computer. LCD use most energy when the screen is white about 74W, but when is black it use only 54W.
Most of the Internet users use Google, so people complain about this energy spending so Google create
This is black Google.
But this black colour is not so good as white for our eyes, so you decide save energy or eyes :)

Picture from Flickr

This is the picture that I chose from Flickr:

I chose this picture because there is snow in I just kidding snow was the main reason for choosing this picture, but it's not only one. I can't figure it out why i chose this picture not some other "snow" picture. So when I figure it i will wrote down :)

petek, 26. oktober 2007

The super hero quiz

I'm faster then bullet, stronger than.....I'm Superman :)

Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

........................... I want to be Batman :)

četrtek, 25. oktober 2007

My favourite gadgets

I must say that my favourite gadgets are mobile phones.
I'm obsessed with them. Longest time that I have phone is 6 month then I replace it :)
My first phone was Nokia 5110

Now I have T-mobile SDA
which has got Windows Mobile so I can use Microsoft Applications (Office, MSN, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer,...)

It's one more "gadget" that I used every day-computer....I must check my emails and see if is something new in the world :)

sreda, 24. oktober 2007

My Internet

First time that I saw a Internet it was in the primary school, I don't remember in which class but I know that It was in "Computer class" and that was very strange that we wasn't trapped in computer but we have a "whole before us".....every week we can't wait for "Computer class" so we can get to a Internet.

So I decided to get Internet to my home. First it was Dail-up connection but over the time we became demanding so we get ADSL and then the fun begin we start downloading, playing games over the net, chatting and buying thins over the Internet.
In secondary school we play online games every evening, we have our own server for a while.
I like to buy things on the Internet. It's cheaper, faster and you have a bigger choice..but my biggest fear was buying something on eBay....but one month ago I successfully bought suspension for my car on EBay :)
So I must say that the Internet has really changed my life in positive way.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me:

My name is Gregor Krapenc. I was born in 1988. All my live I live in small village Ustje which is south of Ajdovščina, but I like to live in small village because is quiet and you can forgot something out side and next day it will be at the same place as you left.

First i was in elementary school in Ajdovščina, then I went to the secondary school in Nova Gorica and became Electrotechnic Electronic now I am studying to be an engineer of Mechatronics and hope to end it because job already waiting for me in company which gave me scholarship.

About my hobbies I like to cycling, read "forums" on Internet and in the winter I like to snowboarding which is my favourite but unfortunately It is depended of snow which is every year bigger problem.
That is all.........for now. :-)